fach-off asked: "Yay! Congratulations! I totally know the feeling. I had the first four bars of lascia ch'io pianga stuck in my head a few weeks ago, and after many other attempts I finally just started flipping through library books, and I found it. Not knowing sucks, but finally remembering the name of the piece is wonderful! Good luck sleeping!"

See lascia is something I instantly recognised. In my music class at school we have to do listening stuff and I’m the only one there who loves classical music so we were looking at choral music and my teacher presses play on a recording and as soon as I hear the first note, I just shout MOZART’S REQUIEM and everyone just looks at me like ‘you heard the first note, how the fuck?’. See it’s recognisable pieces I’m fine with but I’m always cursed with hearing the most random phrase in my head an it will haunt me for days!

My worst example to date has to be the blast of horns of the Mendelssohn violin concerto third movement. It was AWFUL! Literally, just the first bar from the horns
It had me crying for months before it finally came to me and oh my god. It was bliss!

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Of course it would be a piece I haven’t listened to in months. How the Fach.

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Marietta’s Lied - Die tote stadt by Korngold

So glad I got that before mental collapse set in!

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fach-off asked: "Why don't you record yourself humming/playing it and then post it, and see if anyone recognizes it?!"

1) because I wouldn’t dare inflict my horrid voice on you lovely people
2) I FINALLY GOT IT. IT WAS FUCKING MARIETTA’S LIED. The last 30 seconds or so of Gluck da mir verblieb.

Seriously though, that has to be the most painful thing about classical music, you get a tiny tiny section of music in your head and it haunts you forever until you drive yourself mad by listening to your ENTIRE library of classical music.

Yes, Marietta’s lied was the piece I was looking for! :)

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ITS ONE THIRTY IN THE MORNING AND I CANT SLEEP BECAUSE I I I HAVE ONE STUPID BAR OF MUSIC IN MY HEAD AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS. I think it’s a concerto or an aria but a break in the aria in which a cello finishes it off or something oh my fucking god I hate this about classical music. Why isn’t there an app where you can hum even the tiniest amount of music and it will tell you what it is. I’m going insane because of it!!

Lana del Rey and vodka helps the pain go away

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Fuck. Me. Please.

Take off your clothes

genuinelyinterested asked: "Have you ever accidently slammed your penis in the door of a 1994 Ford Fiesta?"

I have not, thanks for asking :) have you?

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Get to know me!

Honesty hour! Ask me anything (A N Y T H I N G) and I’ll answer honestly not matter what! Send me asks! :D

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he’s just so damn cute :)


he’s just so damn cute :)

Mozart the theif

Just listened to Haydn’s Piano Concerto in D and the the third movement - the last 30 seconds - has the beginning of what we recognise as Mozart’s Turkish March theme. Therefore, as Mozart came after haydn, mozart was a thieving bastard :)

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